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"Your safety is our Pride"


UGANDA FIRE EXPERTS LTD was established in July 2013 and incorporated, it has grown to become the largest firefighting equipment service provide in Uganda and other neighboring countries. The company provides a range of services that include; design, supply, engineering, installation and maintenance of of:-

  • Passive and active fire protection, including fire extinguishing, fire stopping and fire suppression systems
  • Fire alarm systems including detection and control devices
  • Access control systems, CCTV and other security systems
  • Fire risk management, risk assessment and training Offering basic first aid training
  • Design and installation of work place safety signs
  • Supply of all kinds of personal protective equipment(PPE’s)

Our company has highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers for firefighting products ranging from basic fire extinguishers to highly sophisticated fire systems. 

The company provides total fire protection solutions to the most prestigious developments around the country, including residential buildings, commercial complexes, telecommunication centers, industrial installations, oil refineries and petrochemical plants and airport installations.

UFEL is located in Kampala and Mbarara, Uganda.
The company is renowned for providing superb quality services and assuring the timely performance of its products at all times.

Our Vision

To be the top leader in providing fire protection and security system in Uganda by end of 2025 with establish operations, deriving quality products and services that are suitable for the region, effective and environmentally sustainable.

Our Mission

Uganda Fire Experts is to be a leading fire and security systems management organisation through the provision of fire detection, protection and extinguishable system and in the deployment of access control /security systems in the country. 

In doing so, we seek to ensure that all products and services provided are of highest standard and exceed the requirements of its customers at all times.

  • That the health and safety of its employees, customers, contractors and third parties are protected at all times.
  • That the products and systems that it deploys meet the highest environmental standards applicable to the detection, fire extinguishable products and security systems.
  • That delivers assured quality and reliability to all its customers at all times.
  • That staff receive the highest level of training and are provided with the best tools and equipment to carry out their tasks in a safe environment.

Our Values

Integrity, Professionalism , Value for Money

Quality Policy

To empower customers to secure Life, Property and Business by delivering high quality and innovative fire protection solution using world class manufacturing process with the finest engineering technology. UFEL committed for working towards continuous improvement with the aim of meeting with customer requirements and expectations. UFE Committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management